Congratulations on beginning your Invisalign journey with 425 Dental! We’re so excited to be helping you achieve your dream smile – now let’s get you started! In the following video, you’ll find out exactly what to expect over the next several weeks.

Welcome to your Invisalign journey with 425 Dental!

Join Yuliya, our Orthodontic Director, as she provides you with vital steps, information, and best practices to make sure you’re well on your way to the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

We think it’s’ best if the results speak for themselves. 425 Dental has assisted hundreds of patients on their individual Invisalign® journeys over the years, and each and every one achieved the smile they always wanted. Take a look!
Invisalign® treatment doesn’t stop at fixing alignment issues – let’s get your teeth shining bright as well! By using a safe, specialized bleach along with your Invisalign trays, your new smile will be absolutely glistening.
425 Dental is a VIP Diamond+ 1% Invisalign Provider - that means we’re among the best of the best in the entire country.

Have questions about any step of your Invisalign® journey?

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